• Consulting
    We offer advice to experienced and novice art collectors, corporations, designers and architects. We start by identifying the client's aesthetic and budgetary goals. We source contemporary artworks worldwide. We then present a plan with art selections for client consideration. Once approved, we carry out the implementation of the agreed plan.
  • Buying and Selling
    We specialize in the acquisition and resale of artworks. We handle negotiations with the seller on behalf of the client and we assist with negotiations with private buyers, art galleries and auction houses. We are committed to negotiate the best possible terms for our clients.
  • Framing and Installation
    We will arrange for framing as needed tailored to the type of artwork and the individual needs. We provide design and installation services for private and corporate collections ensuring optimum placement and lighting of the artworks.
  • Curating
    We curate corporate spaces such as lobbies, meeting rooms and offices for temporary or permanent exhibitions. We also organize exhibitions of selected artists in public spaces internationally.
  • Collection Management
    We provide advice on collection management including cataloging, appraisal services, insurance, packing and shipping.
  • Art Tours
    We provide personal tours of art galleries, artists’ studios, museums and art fairs. Each tour is custom built according to the client's interest. Tours cater to individuals or groups. We speak English, French and Italian.
Cristinerose Gallery